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A complete collection of 30 rare books for “Shanhaijing” by the Institute of mythology officially published


2019-11-22 04:40



A complete collection of 30 rare books for “Shanhaijing” (classics of mountains and seas) volumes (including the first and second volumes) of the major topic achievement of the Institute of mythology, which is composed of Professor Xiang Baoyun, President of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, researcher Su Ning and researcher Zhou Ming, has recently been officially published and released by the Bashu publishing house.



The collection for rare documents for Shanhaijing compiles more than 60 kinds of valuable documents about the original text, collation, annotation, collection and research of Shanhaijing from the Song Dynasty to the Republic of China according to a certain style. It is a collection of documents about Shanhaijing at present. This collection contains many precious editions of song, Ming and Qing Dynasties, with rich contents, including 15 kinds of "Shanhaijing tuzan", 12 kinds of supplementary notes, 12 kinds of documents, 13 kinds of research documents of Shanhaijing. Among them, Wu Renchen's "extensive notes on the classics of Shanhaijing" is the first monograph on the study of Shanhaijing in the Qing Dynasty. Hao Yixing's 18 volumes of Shanhaijing are written on the basis of Wu Renchen's and Biyuan's new correction for Shanhaijing, which is one of the outstanding annotation books of Shanhaijing. These documents provide a wealth of materials for the academic circles to engage in the study for Shanhaijing and its related issues, and have very important literature value and research value.


The first volume of collection of rare books of Shanhaijing mainly includes different versions of Shanhaijing and tuzan of Shanhaijing, such as Shanhaijing by GuoPu.


The second volume of the collection of rare books for Shanhaijing mainly includes the supplement, annotation, interpretation, collection and relevant research documents.



Translated by wengjun


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