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The Joint Conference of Presidents of Central and Southern Regional Academies of Social Sciences Held in Boao


2019-11-01 05:19



On October 17th, the Joint Conference of Presidents of Central and Southern Regional Academies of Social Sciences was held in Boao, Hainan with the theme of “New Type of Think Tank Construction with Chinese Characteristics and Development of Local Academy of Social Sciences in New Era”. About 60 representatives and experts from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, academies of social sciences in central and southern region and 12 other provinces, districts and cities attended the meeting. Zhong Yechang, Presidents of Hainan Academy of Social Sciences attended the opening ceremony and made speeches. Wang Zihao, deputy director of the Research Bureau of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Fu Shixia, the second-level inspector of the Publicity Department of Hainan Provincial Committee of CPC, gave speeches at the meeting.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the joint meeting held a work exchange and academic discussion on the topics of “Review and Prospect of the Development of Local Academy of Social Sciences” and “Achieve High-quality Development and Regional Economic and Cultural Cooperation”. The meeting scientifically summed up the development achievements and valuable experience of local Academy of Social Sciences, had in-depth discussion of the construction of new type of think tanks with Chinese characteristics, and made suggestions for the high-quality development of regional economic culture.

During the work exchange stage on“Review and Prospect of the Development of Local Academy of Social Sciences”, experts have put forward many influential results. Academies present actively exchanged experience which was a good example and reference for the construction and development of other academies. Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences promoted the construction of the Tianfu think tank and highlighted the concepts of "sticking to theoretical position", "being good at policy-making consultation", "cultivating distinctive disciplines" and "focusing on coordinated development", which effectively improve its reputation and influence.

In the academic discussion stage of "achieving high-quality development and regional economic and cultural cooperation", experts conducted in-depth discussions from different sides to deepen the theme of the seminar. Some experts suggested strengthening the cooperation of Qiong, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and achieving coordinated industrial development. They attached importance on building a national tourism consumption center from the perspective of high-quality development and built Hainan a sea of world tourism comparable to the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. The experts who spoke on the topic exchanged their views in a lively and novel way. The wonderful speeches of leaders, experts and scholars deeply adhered to the theme of achieving high-quality development and economic and cultural cooperation among provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and combined with some major theoretical and practical issues in regional cooperation and innovation development, and put forward many creative and valuable ideas, which reflected the specific actions and responsibilities of the social science theoretical circles to what are urgently needed for the current reform and development.


2019-11-01 01:20
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