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The Sichuan Rural Revitalization College officially established in Bazhong


2019-02-22 03:05



On January 22th, 2018, Sichuan Rural Revitalization College was officially established and a inauguration ceremony was held in Enyang, Bazhong. ,


Sichuan Rural Revitalization College is a joint construction of Sichuan Normal University and Bazhong University. The establishment of the College aims at relying on the superior resources of the College and combining the practice in Enyang for carrying out in-depth training of cadres and talents for rural revitalization and actively cultivating cadres who understand the rural developments. In order to actively explore the mode of Rural Revitalization and the rural development with local characteristics and summarize a set of mature and replicable experience of rural revitalization. Efforts should be made to carry out the "five major education" and enhance the "five major abilities" so as to form the five batches of practical achievements. At the same time, the College will formulate Rural Revitalization plan, rural tourism plan and rural industry development plan to provide intellectual support for poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in Bazhong Enyang District and accelerate the modernization process of agricultural and rural farmers in the whole region.


"As the First 25 pilot villages in the whole region, the establishment of Sichuan Revitalization College will provide us with an important platform for learning and upgrading in Bazhong." Su He Ping said from Chaba Town, Enyang District.


The Enyang District of Bazhong also signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Sichuan Normal University for the Red Culture Tourism. According to the content of cooperation, Sichuan Normal University will cooperate with Enyang District in terms of elementary education and the capacity enhancement project with Red Culture Tourism and intellectual support project.


After the ceremony, experts and professors from Sichuan Normal University also gave special lectures on "What kind of basic education we need in the new era" and "Industrial Development for Vitalizing Rural Areas".

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2019-02-22 11:08
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