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The Forum on the Revitalization for Rural Culture held in Luzhou


2019-01-04 07:21



On December 25th, 2018, the Forum on the Revitalization for Rural Culture, co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Art, the Chinese Aesthetics Society, the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences and the Luzhou Municipal People's Government, was held in Luzhou. This Academic Forum on the theme of the revitalization for rural culture attracted more than 120 experts from all over the country, who gathered in Yaoba, Hejiang, a thousand-year-old town, to explore how to develop the rural culture. Gao Jianping, President of the Chinese Aesthetics Society, Zhu Dongli, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Art, Xiang Baoyun, President of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, Yao Leye, Vice President of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, and Yang Linxing, President of Luzhou City, attended the forum.


Yang Linxing delivered the welcome speech. He said that since the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC, Luzhou has always insisted on implementing the strategy of Rural Revitalization as the general work for three rural issues: agriculture, rural areas and farmers, focusing on agricultural and rural modernization, carrying out the "five major revitalizations" in depth, and accelerating the overall upgrading of agriculture, rural progress and farmers'all-round development. We should organically combine Rural Revitalization with cultural revitalization.


Professor Xiang Baoyun, the president of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences said that in order to promote the revitalization for rural culture, we must utilize all kinds of resources which are beneficial to the development of the times, innovate the mode of rural governance, and promote the rule of law and moral administration in rural areas. He proposed to build an academic exchange platform for the revitalization for rural culture to provide scientific programs and decision-making advice for the practice in the revitalization for rural culture.


In the forum, experts from all over the country shared their theoretical research experience and practical typical cases in rural revitalization. From the national perspective, they discussed the universality and identity in rural cultural revitalization, especially in understanding the significance, foundation, requirements, layout and objectives of the rural revitalization. On the one hand, the experts made theoretical discussions on the revitalization of rural culture and precise poverty alleviation, grass-roots building, village culture, local customs, cultural and tourism integration from a theoretical perspective for achieving important results.


The forum also issued the "Yaoba Consensus" on the Revitalization in Rural Culture, which includes four ideas on the revitalization of rural culture, including upholding the principal position of farmers, attaching importance to the inheritance and promotion of local characteristic culture, establishing the goal of the revitalization in rural culture, and achieving creative transformation and innovative development.


Translated by wengjun


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