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The Seventh Seminar for Sino-Arab Relations & Dialogues among Civilizations Held in Chengdu


2017-08-21 12:00

Yuan Jing
Sichuan Daily


On August 15th, 2017, the Seventh Seminar for Sino-Arab Relations & Dialogues among Civilizations was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The Round Table attracted over 70 officials, experts and religionists from 16 countries including China, Arab and League of Arab States.
The two-day conference emphatically discussed the issues including “Sino-Arab Co-operative Construction of Dialogues among Civilizations under the Background of ‘One Belt and One Road,’” “The Governance of Eliminating Extremalization and Sino-Arab Cooperation on It,” “Doctrine of the Mean of China and Arab Civilization,” “Social Inclusion Problem” and so on.
Deng Li, the secretary general of the Chinese side hoped to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Arab States, taking the opportunity of the Round Table.  The chairman of the Arab side indicated that the forum had become an important platform for the exchanges and cooperation between the peoples and governments of China and Arab states, meanwhile, he called on groups to exchange views and experiences through round-table meetings, devote to eliminate extremalization, respect and protect diversity.
The meeting was held every two years, and it’s an important institutional activity for China-Arab States Cooperation Forum. Since 2005, tit has been successfully held six sessions in China, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE, China and Qatar.


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