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2017 International Conference for Himalayan Research Held in Sichuan University


2017-07-14 12:00

2017 International Conference for Himalayan Research, hosted by Collaborative Innovation Center for Security and Development of Western Frontier China and Pan-Himalayan Center for Cultural and Religious Research of Sichuan University, was held from July 7th to 9th  in order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of Sichuan University and other famous overseas universities and promote Sichuan University’s research on Pan-Himalayan area.

Xie Heping, President of Sichuan University, experts and scholars from Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, etc. and some teachers and students from Sichuan University attended the opening ceremony in the afternoon of July 7th.

  Xie Heping said that with unique natural environment, long cultural history, prosperous economy and trade and large popularity, Pan–Himalayan area is an important area around the world with biggest development potential. As a high-level comprehensive research university in western China, Sichuan University is close to Himalayan area in biography and owns biographic advantage and long history in Himalayan research. Sichuan University hopes to take this seminar as a new start point and cooperate with other domestic and overseas universities to build an international high-end cooperation platform for Himalayan research, jointly carry out Himalayan research and devotes wisdom and strength for implementing the Belt and Road Initiative and benefiting people along the silk road.

Experts from Sichuan University, Harvard University, Oxford University, etc. made speeches and reviewed the progress in Pan-Himalayan research in recent years. They conducted in-depth and heated discussion on the progress in Himalayan research, Sichuan University’s Himalayan research vision, the construction of Himalayan data base, the translation and publication of Himalayan research, etc. during the two-day seminar.


2017-07-14 12:49
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