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New Media School Founded by Tencent and Sichuan University


2017-07-07 12:00

Sichuan Internet New Media Talents Incubation and Cultivation Sharing Meeting and Sichuan Penguin New Media School Signing Ceremony was held in Chengdu on July 2nd.

Sichuan Penguin New Media School is the first Tencent new media school in western China. It is instructed by Cyberspace Administration of Sichuan Province, jointly hosted by QQ.COM and Sichuan University and undertaken by the College of Literature and Journalism of Sichuan University and CD.QQ.COM. After the school is founded, it will provide experience reference and technical support for government and traditional media on new media construction, development, transformation and talents cultivation in order to promote the healthy and orderly development of public opinion environment and media industry.

It is introduced that Tencent will make alliance with colleges and universities to incubate new media talents through its technical and platform advantage to solve the problem of new media men weak in combining theory with practice. Sichuan University will closely cooperate with Tencent on new media talents incubation, new media curriculum training system, new media projects research and development and authoritative data report output, etc. to realize the three-win situation in graduates employment, government and enterprise talents transformation and university teaching and research innovation.

The spokesman of Cyberspace Administration of Sichuan Province said that Sichuan Penguin New Media School is a vital measure for Sichuan province to promote Internet new media development, accelerate new media talents cultivation and explore the way of managing and supporting new media.




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