The Great Wall Revisited: From the Jade Gate to Old Dragon's Head


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William Lindesay

Title: The Great Wall Revisited: From the Jade Gate to Old Dragon's Head

Author: William Lindesay

Press: China Intercontinental Press

ISBN: 9787508514901


Using the technique of rephotography-repeat photography at the same place with a time lag in between-this landmark volumethe first mainstream publication on the theme of Great Wall conservationpresents a realistic portrait of the world's most-famous building. William Lindesay spent three years travelling 35,000 km across North Chinacarrying his tripodcameras and a file of vintage photographsthe earliest dating from 1871looking not merely for vantage pointsbut‘advantage points’places from which he could see the Great Wall in the past and presentside by side. The Great Wall Revisited presents 72 of the most elucidating‘then’ and ‘now’ comparisonssuccinct histories of the sitesand colourful literary impressions left by ‘milestone’ Visitorsjuxtaposed beside contemporary eyewitnesses accounts that explain the changes. This dossier unfolds as an extraordinary journey along the Wall from the Jade Gate in northwest China to Old Dragon's Head on the Yellow Sea coast. A state of the Great Wall report per seevidencing the vestiges of time which have impacted upon itthis book will trigger a lively forumwhile asking poignant questions as to how the Wall should best be preserved for present and future generations.


PrologueThe Wall of Two Williams

Foreword by Professor Luo Zhewen

Author's Introduction

Chapter 1The Great WallA Perspective

Chapter 2A Great Wall Image HistoryMapsDrawings and Photographs

Chapter 3Rephotography and the Great Wall

Chapter 4Revisited Sites

Map of Rephotographed Sites

Yumenguan(The Jade Gate Pass)

MilestoneAurel Stein in 1907


MilestoneWilliam Geil in 1907-08

Northern Shaanxi Province

MilestonesClark and Sowerby in 1908Frederick Clapp in 1914

Laiyuan County, Hebei

MilestoneSha Fei in 1937


MilestonesJohn Thomson in 1871Juliet Bredon in 1919


MilestoneWilliam Parish in 1793


MilestoneMr.Smythe in 1850

EpilogueContinuing to Revisit the Great Wall

Acknowledgements and Project Timeline



Sources of Illustrations

Map of China



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