Record of the Listener


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Title: Record of the Listener

Author: Mai Hong

Translator: Alister D. Inglis (from Chinese to English)

Press: Foreign Language Press

ISBN: 9787119039022


The Blue Wave Hall

Pu Dashao's Calligraphy

The Official Rest-Post at Shengping Market

Third Daughter Xie

Meng's Palace Women

Xu Guohua

The Mountain of Crabs

The Honourable Meritorious Minister

The Warrior Woman

The Taoist of He Prefecture

The Strange Monk's Magic Symbol

The City Tower of Qian Prefecture

The Strange Land near Minqing

Pine Cones

Zhang the Rice Seller

Fahui Burns His Eye

The Blue Wave Pavilion

Sun Devil's Head

Jiang Anshi

The Wine of Phoenix Tree Creek

Geng Yu's Maidservant

Stone People of the Dream

Fang's Daughter

Miss Lan

Junior Guardian Wang

Wang Dalang's Horse

Zhang Zhu's Dream

Fifth Brother Sun

The Woman in Black


Sun Jiuding

The Man from Three Rivers Village

Madame Zhang

The Three Taoists of Jade Ford

Li Shangren

Young Master Wu

The Governmental Post of Sun Juyuan

Controller-General Jiang's Daughter

Ye Ruogu

The Villager from Jiangyin

Luo Gong Is Reprimanded by the Netherworld

Good and Bad Fortune May Not Be Avoided

Island Woman

Great Fish of the Ocean

The Strange Woman of the Capital

Saved by the Buddha from Past Enmity

Su Dongpo Transcribes the Diamond Sutra

Xiang's Ancestral Temple

Fan Dreams of a Son

Dong Bai'e

The Monster of Jiande

The Old Bottle of Yiyang

The Immortal of Luofu



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