China The Beautiful


2023-12-05 12:00

Raymond Zhou


Title: China The Beautiful

Press: China Intercontinental Press

ISBN: 9787508513386

About the Author:

Raymond Zhou is a writer who is hard to define or categorize: He is prolific in English and Chinese; his topics and interests cover many areas,from culture to social issues; he is comfortable with all media platforms,including print, online and television, or government-oriented, market-driven and grassroots; and he explores many genres, from journalistic reporting to commentary essays, to genre-busting experiments in fusing fiction and nonfiction.

Above all, Zhou is praised for his ability to cross the boundaries of languages and cultures. Immersed in both Chinese and Western (specially American) cultures, he often deciphers a Chinese controversy from a Western perspective and vice versa. The ease with which he shifts his viewpoint endows him with a rare openness and independence of thinking.

Zhou started writing in California's Silicon Valley in the early days of the Internet boom. His focus has shifted from high tech and e-commerce, to business, movies, arts and culture in general, and from social issues to travel and humor. He began to blur the lines of some of these areas in recent years.


China the Beautiful is Raymond Zhou's paean to his motherland, written after returning home following a long absence, which provided him with new perspectives and new opportunities to travel to places he had previously only read about. It is anything but a guidebook for roughly half of the country's provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Zhou takes a multifaceted approach to each place he writes about. His real interest is always in ordinary people - their joys, concerns and anxieties, the breath-taking beauty of the sceneries, and the quandaries between economic growth and ecological preservation.

The book is a kaleidoscopic view of a country on the cusp of change - a country always yearning for something new, yet constantly reminded of its past glory; a country caught between the need for improving living standards for all and the hard decisions of what has to be given up in the process;a country where everything is happening so fast it's a blur and capturing it with words and images amount to sculpting in time.



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