A Comparison Between Chinese and Western Sculpture


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Huang Zongxian

Title: A Comparison Between Chinese and Western Sculpture 

Press: China Intercontinental Press

ISBN: 9787508512693

About the Author:

Mr. Huang Zongxian was born in 1958. He has another name Ling Yu. He is a native of Danleng, Sichuan province and a PhD in fine arts. He is the member of Chinese Artists Association, vice-president of Sichuan Artists Association and chairman of Sichuan Art Education Association.Now he works as president, professor and PhD candidate supervisor in the Art Academy of Sichuan University. He is also an expert who gets the special government allowance of the State Council. He has independently written and edited 11 academic monographs and published dozen of academic papers. Professor Huang has been engaged in teaching and research of art studies for a long time and especially has made significant achievements in the field of research on Chinese modem art. He is a quite influential in the area of art theory in China. 


Chapter Ⅰ: Sino-Western Sculpture and Culture
Sino-Foreign Cultures: Stability and Progress
"Modeling of Clay" and "Carving of Stone"
Civilizations of the Yellow River Valley and the Mediterranean
Chapter Ⅱ Sino-Western Monuments: Grand Empire and the World
Terra-Cotta Warriors and Augustan
The Dead and the Living
Hero and Steed
Chapter Ⅲ: Sino-Western Religious Sculpture" The Splendid Buddha World and the Stone Bible
Sino-Western Religious Attitudes and Sculptural Concepts
China, India and Europe
Aesthetic Interests of Sino-Western Religious Sculpture
Natural Concepts of Sino-Western Religious Sculpture
Chapter Ⅳ:Functions of Sino-Western Sculptures Grave Art and City Art
Chinese Tomb Culture and Sculpture
Closed Environment and Public Environment
Chapter Ⅴ: Conditions of Chinese and Western Sculptors: Slave Artisans and Artists
Social Position of Western Sculptors
Social Position of Chinese Sculptors
Making Statues on Imperial Order and the Desire for Freedom
Fate of Chinese Sculptors and Great Artisans
Historical Conditions for Sino-Western Sculptures
Chapter Ⅵ The Forms of Sino,Western Sculptures: the Art of "Carving of Appearance and Painting of Nature" and the Art of Dimension
Volume and Plane Relations
Linear Rhythm and Surface Structure
The Arts of Color and Physique
Chapter Ⅶ Aesthetic Value of Sino-Western Sculptures:Institutional Naturalism and Rational Realism




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