China Manifested in Trees


2022-04-07 12:00

Liang Heng


Title: China Manifested in Trees

AuthorLiang Heng

ISBN: 9787119114972

Press: Foreign Languages Press



Going to Yunnan in Winter to Enjoy


Cries of Apes on Bawang Ridge

Stories of Xiang Yu Told by a Phoenix Tree and Pagoda Tree in Autumn Breeze

Four Cypress Trees of Wuan

The Great WaU and a Tamarisk Tree

Ancient Pagoda Tree of Qili Village

A Cypress Tree That Resembles the Map of China

A Pagoda Tree in an Iron Wok

Willow of Lord Zuo Brings Green Cloud to the Northwest

Banyan of Lord ShenOverlooking the Sea for 150 Years

Ode to Wintersweet Planted by Premier Zhou Enlai

An Old Camphor Tree Holding a Bomb

An Old Pine in Mt. Yanshan

Java Bishopwood Tree Once Injured

Trees Dying Young and Related Stories

Unforgettable Wild Oleaster

A Century-Old WiUow Survived of an Earthquake

The Last Piece of Primeval Forest Jujube King in China

Wang Xiaoying & Mongolian Pine

A Nursing Home for Old Trees Here

Old Ginkgo Tree Resembling an Ornamental Column


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