The Man Who Puts an End to Hunger - Yuan Longping, “Father of Hybrid Rice”


2019-11-01 05:44

Deng Xiangzi, Deng Yinru


Title: The Man Who Puts an End to Hunger - Yuan Longping, “Father of Hybrid Rice”

Author: Deng Xiangzi, Deng Yinru

ISBN: 9787119051093

Press: Foreign Language Press, Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House


Yuan Longping, the renowned and respected Chinese scientist often taken for a farmer, has found the world a way out of famine. Undeterred by the prevailing ignorance of heterosis in rice and other self-pollinating plants, he has dedicated himself to research into hybrid rice since the 1960s, and his feats have won him the accolade "father of hybrid rice" and earned him the honor of being made foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences Why is Yuan so obsessed by hybrid rice research? How did he manage with such simple conditions, scarce aterials, backward technology and insufficient information? What global impacts will Yuan and his team have? This book may give the answers.


Chapter One
Hunger -- A Specter Haunting the World
Chapter Two
Deep in the Xuefeng Mountains -- An Agricultural School
Teacher Takes on a World-challenging Subject
Chapter Three
Determined Pursuit
Chapter Four
Green Legend: From Hybrid Rice to Super Hybrid Rice
Chapter Five
Golden Rice Seeds -- A Boon to the World


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