Decade of Development of Science and Technology


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Gu Ruizhen, Huang Xiaoxi


Title: Decade of Development of Science and Technology

Author: Gu Ruizhen, Huang Xiaoxi

ISBN: 9787510455636

Press: New World Press


Chapter 1 Aerospace 001

Manned space flight 002

Lunar exploration 023

Carrier rockets and artificial earth satellites 031

Why was BeiDou developed? 042

Large aircraft 045

Chapter 2 Electronic Information053

New generation broadband mobile wireless communication network 054

Next generation internet 059

CHI major special project 068

High-performance computer and grid service environment 070

Integration of three networks 077

Cloud computing 083

The Internet of things 089

Chapter 3 Biological Medicine 093

Significant new medicine development 094

The prevention and control of HIV-AIDS, hepatitis and other major

infectious diseases 099

The cultivation of a new GM biological variety 101

Stem cells 104

Genetic engineering 109

Vaccine R&D 112

Chapter 4 Advanced Manufacturing and New Materials 117

High-grade CNC machine tool and basic manufacturing equipment 119

Ultra-large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and the

complete set of technologies 122

Intelligent robots 126

LED semiconductor lighting 130

New-generation recycling steel process technology 136

Nanometer and superconducting materials 137

Chapter 5 Transportation Technology 145

3D transportation network 146

New-generation high-speed train 157

Maglev train 159

New energy vehicles 161

Government subsidy for buying new energy vehicles 163

Chapter 6 Energy and Environmental Protection165
The development of a large oil and gas field and coalbed methane 166
Water pollution control and treatment 169
Clean coal technology 174
Wind power generation 176
Solar photovoltaic power generation 177
Biomass energy 181
Nuclear energy 183
Chapter 7 Agricultural Science and Technology195
Modern agricultural equipment and cultivation methods 196
New crop variety breeding 200
Cultivation with agricultural technologies 208
Effective water-saving irrigation 212
Animal disease prevention and control 214
Agricultural information in rural areas 215
Chapter 8The Earth and the ocean219
Deep exploration of the Earth 220
Offshore oil and gas exploration 225
China’s submersible Jiaolong 228
The Snow Dragon scientific expedition 234
Dayang Yihao (Ocean No.1) round-the-world scientific probe 240


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