China’s Poverty Alleviation Operations


2019-03-15 02:54

Huang Chengwei


Title: Chinas Poverty Alleviation Operations

Author: Huang Chengwei

ISBN: 9787508529363

Press: China Intercontinental Press


Poverty reduction is an inextricable part of the developmental and governmental achievements of socialism with Chinese characteristics. China's Poverty Alleviation Operations gives an overall account of China's poverty alleviation undertakings launched comprehensively from the Government, the society, NGOs and individuals. As the largest developing country, China, led by the Chinese Government and contributed by the Chinese people, has made great efforts and achievements in fulfilling the Chinese Dream of common prosperity. The book falls into seven parts which respectively deal with the macro-history of China's poverty reduction, the organizational framework and strategic system of the poverty reduction, the large variety of poverty reduction subjects, the point-sphere-integrated poverty relief modes, the special love and care for the special communities, the innovation modes that stimulate the motive power, as well as the considerable urban poverty issue. Combining the large amount of data with specific cases and pictures, the book allows a stereoscopic perception of China's poverty alleviation operations.


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