Countryside of China


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Guo Huancheng, Ren Guozhu & Lu Mingwei


Title: Countryside of China

Author: Guo Huancheng, Ren Guozhu & Lu Mingwei

Translator: Tong Xiaohua

ISBN: 9787508510965

Press: China Intercontinental Press


The countryside is the place where we have been 1iving generation after generationChina has a vast territory and long history with great differences in natural Conditions among different areas of the country. The natural resources and cultural content of the villages are very richThe beautiful natural scenery of the Chinese Countryside, the ancient village buildings, the authentic folk Customs, the longstanding farming culture, the simple and unsophisticated village workshops, and the primitive form of labor create a unique vista in the countrysideThe book provides a detailed picture of thirty-four selected villages in order to show the natural and Social phenomena of the countryside in China


Traditional Homes with Picturesque Beauty
Shuhean Ancient NaxiTown in Lijiang
Houses on Stilts and the Wind-Rain BridgeDong Villages in Liping
Hakka Civilian DwellingsYongding Earthen Houses
Residence of a Shanxi BusinessmanThe Grand Courtyard of Qiao Family
Xidi and HongcunAncient Villages in Huizhou
Cuandia Village
Ancient Village in Western Beijing
ZhouzhuangA Town of Rivers and Lakes in Southern China
The Immigrant Town of Nianbadu
KaipingGuangdongEast Meets West in the Diaolou
Jiaju Tibetan Village,the Most Beautiful Village in China
Rustic Scenes All over China
WuyuanPossibly the Most Beautiful Countryside
Shuangang Forestry CenterSnow Village in the Northeast
Tuva Village Beside Kanasi Lake
The Terraced Fields of the Hani People in Yuanyang
Puli Town,Nantou County
Fishing Tourism on Changdao Island
Turpan Grape Valley
Tengtou Village of Fenghua, Zhejiang
Guangxi Buluotuo Scenic Mango Orchard
The Rich Traditions of Folk Culture
Lugu LakeExotic Oriental Land of Women
Forced Marriage of the Yi Ethnic Group
Northern ShaanxiSimple Yet Precise Village Marriage Ceremony
Southern ChinaDragon Boat Races on Duanwu
Shehuo of the Central Plains
Traditional wooden Chinese New Year Pictures of Yangjiabu,Weifang
Farmer Art Village in Jinshan District,Shanghai
Home of Plaster Statues-Liuying(Camp Six)Village in Fengxiang,Shaanxi
The New Appearance of the New Countryside
Rural Tourism in Nongke Village in Pixian, Sichuan
Hancunhe,the Richest Village in Beijing's Suburbs
Home to LonGing Tea-LonGing Village
Model of Common Prosperity-Huaxi Village
Eco-Friendly VillageLiuminying
Xibaipo Red Tourism
Tahut Hala New Village


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