The Secret of China’s Success


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Ren Xiaosi



Title: The Secret of Chinas Success

Author: Ren Xiaosi

Publication Date: May 2015

Publisher: New World Press

ISBN: 9787510452154



Is China Number One?


Chapter One

Why Does Thomas Friedman Envy China?

What Are the Advantages of China’s Political System?

How to Address New Challenges

How Should China Address These Unprecedented Challenges?

What New Tendencies Has the New Collective Leadership Brought?


Chapter Two

Which Road to Take?

A Century of Exploration

The 30 Years before Reform and Opening Up

Rapid Development Powered by Reform and Opening Up

The Secrets of Success


Chapter Three

The Civilization Behind

Economic Development

The Secret of China’s Civilization Longevity

Traditional Moral Values

Principles of Good Governance

Three Philosophers Shaping Chinese People’s Thoughts

Chapter Four

China’s Soft Power

Patriotic Beliefs

The Light of Love

Becoming Useful to Society

Dedication of Young People

Selfless Dedication to the People

The Big Heart of the Chinese Nation

Chapter Five

The Chinese are Creating Miracles

Exploring Outer Space

Science and Technology Frontier

The Butterfly Effect of China’s Entrepreneurs

Integrating Chinese Culture into the World

Sports Elite


Perseverant and Undefeated Chinese People



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