Chinese Characters


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Han Jiantang



Title: Chinese Characters
Author: Han Jiantang

Translator: Wang Guozhen & Zhou Ling

Publication Date: August 2016

Publisher: China Intercontinental Press

ISBN: 9787508533759


The Emergence of Written Language
Graphic Characters of the River Civilization

Origin of Han Characters
Legends in Ancient Time
Han Characters Originated from Drawings

Evolvement of Forms of Han Characters
Ancient Drawing-like Characters
Modern Characters Dissimilar to Drawings
Mainstream in the Development of Han Characters

Formation of Han Characters
Ancient Formation of "Six Categories"
Formation Methods for Han Characters
Form and Structure of Modern Han Characters

The Profound Mystery of Han Characters
Causes of the Square Form of Han Characters
Perspective on Han Characters

Chinese History Narrated in Han Characters
Social Life in Ancient Time
Show of Ancient Civilization Sights

The Art of Han Characters
Calligraphic Art of Han Characters
Commercial-art Han Characters
Seal Art of Han Characters


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