Da Jie


2014-12-30 12:00

Professional title: researcher

Field of research: industrial economy, capital market and investment


Basic information: born in November, 1970, graduated with a Ph.D. degree from Graduate School of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics with a major in Industrial Economics in 2005, currently in the position of deputy director of Industrial and Commercial Economy and Management Research Institute. Main research achievements: theses including The Impact of China’s Entry into WTO on Industrial Structure, Research on Investment and Financing System Reform in Chengdu City in the Background of China’s Development of Its Vast Western Region, Research on Issues of Small and Medium Enterprises Financing, Governance Mechanism and State-owned Enterprise Reform – Analysis of the Restructuring of Some Small and Medium SOEs in Chengdu, Analysis of Innovations by Small and Medium Enterprises, Develop a Cyclic Economy and Build a Conservation-conscious Society, A Practical Analysis of the Cluster-type Industry Development in China, Research on Some Issues About Strategies to Build Sichuan into a Strong Province through Industrial Development


2014-12-30 11:12
Shan Xiaohong