Huang Jin


2014-12-30 12:00

Huang Jin, male, researcher, deputy director of Research Institute of Sociology; graduated with a Master in Economics from Sichuan University in 1998; have assumed positions in enterprise investment business, judiciary work at procuratorate (passed national judicial qualification exams); conducted research at Research Institute of Sociology at Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences in 2003; spent one year in 2006 on advanced study at Research Institute of Sociology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as part of the “Light from the West” talent program sponsored by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC. Main field of research: economic sociology, legal sociology, currently carrying out research on social policies, migrant population, rural community and disadvantaged people.


Led or participated as a leading researcher in 8 projects at or above provincial or ministerial level such as From Rights Protection to Capital Construction: Research on Social Policies about Migrant Workers in Sichuan (“Eleventh Five-year” Plan research topic in philosophy and social sciences in Sichuan Province), Survey of Social Changes in Tangying Village (Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences important research topic), Eleventh Five-year Plan Research in the Social Development in Sichuan province (a national bidding project, led by Guo Hong) etc., among which, research reports on migrant workers and grass-roots political administration construction in Tibetan areas have been commented in writing by main leaders in Provincial Party Committee.


 Main theses published recently include: Outline in Coordinated Urban and Rural Social Policies, Social Policies under the Guidance of Outlook of Scientific Development, Social Capital: Dialogue between Economics and Sociology, The Informal Nature of Home Service Industry and Corresponding Development Policies, On Franchise Contract in Places of Scenery or Historic Interests (reprinted by NPC Copy Materials); author (co-author included) of Books including : David Ricardo (author, series of economists’ thoughts), Research on Migrant Worker Issues In China’s Urbanization Process (wrote the chapter of “Urbanization of Migrant Workers, editor-in-chief: Lin Ling, GuoXiaoming).


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