Li Mingquan


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Li Mingquan, male, born in May, 1957; admitted through entrance examination into Department of Chinese Language of Sichuan University of Arts and Science in 1977 and graduated in January, 1981; completed courses from Department of Chinese Language of Sichuan Normal University in January, 1982; released from regular work to study at Master’s Graduate Class in Art and Literature of SASA from September, 1986 to August, 1987; participated in the training of “three studies education” provided to backbones in arts and literature throughout the country by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC in March, 2004; participated in “the 14th training class on philosophical and social science academic and research backbones in schools of higher learning throughout the country” sponsored by the Propaganda Department, the Organization Department, Party School of the Central Committee and Ministry of Education in March-April, 2007.


Currently in the position of vice president of SASS, researcher, master’s tutor in theory of literature and art, chief expert in theory of cultural development at SASS; vice chairman and secretary general of Sichuan Literature-Art Critics Association, chairman of Sichuan Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature Association, director of Sichuan Cultural Development Research Center. 


Li Mingquan started publishing literary review and research theses in 1978 on periodicals such as People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Literary Review, Reading and Literature and Art Studies; mainly in the field of literary review, cultural industry, enterprise culture, architectural culture etc.; published books: The Break-through of the Spirit of Literature, Insight of Love; Collection of proses: Snowy Dream in the Wide; Academic book: Perfectness the Spirit of Art of Confucianism, Aesthetics in Fold Custom; Co-authored books: Hot spots the Life of City Dwellers in Modern China; independently completed the national social science foundation project Art Dialectics; total number of articles published: over 350 in over 2.3 million words. 


Currently leading the national social science foundation project Culture Construction in New Socialist Rural Areas, Provincial social science key project Traditional Culture and Modern Civilization, participated in leading the project sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee and National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation: Reform the Cultural System and Build Sichuan into a Strong Cultural Province; received 3 third prizes of Provincial Government social science outstanding research achievement award, the second and third Award in Literature in Sichuan Province, second prize in Bashu literature and art award in Sichuan, national movie review award, literary and art review award in Sichuan Province, provincial outstanding university teaching achievement award, award of literary and art worker with good behavior and skills, talent of “Four-first batch” in Sichuan Province, head person in academia and technology in Sichuan Province.  


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