Liu Jincheng


2014-12-30 12:00

Liu Jincheng, editor&reviewer at Research Institute of Industrial Economy



Born in November, 1959, Native Place: Chengdu, Sichuan, went to countryside as an educated youth in 1977, passed the entrance examination and admitted into Chengdu University in September, 1979, graduated from university in July 1982 and received a Bachelor in Economics from Sichuan Institute of Finance and Economics (current Southwestern University of Finance and Economics).

Employed by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences in December, 1986 and has since worked in editorship with the editorial department of Reform of Economic System; evaluated and hired as a deputy editor in October, 1997.

Main research achievements: Panzhihua Steel: the Pride of China’s Steel Industry(co-authored); Comprehensive Reform to Central Cities (co-authored); Panzhihua Steel Corporation (“Eighth Five-year Plan” National Social Sciences Funds Project, co-authored); Overview of Sichuan (co-authored), Deng Xiaoping’s Thought on Opening-up to the Outside World (thesis); research achievement received one second prize from the Provincial Government, two prizes from Provincial Academic Societies (first and second prize respectively).


2014-12-30 10:46
Liu Shiqing