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Translators Association of China Annual Conference Held


2024-04-08 09:04

People's Daily

CHANGSHA,March 30--The annual conference of Translators Association of China was held by Translators Association of China, Academy of Translation, Interpretation of China Foreign Language Administration and Hunan Normal University.

The two-day annual meeting held a summit forum and a number of theme forums, parallel forums. At the promotion meeting of excellent achievements in the translation industry, scientific and technological enterprises, universities and research institutes brought the latest scientific and technological research and development and application achievements in the field of translation. The conference also announced the winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Translation Culture of the Translators Association of China, as well as the honorary titles of Senior Translator and Excellent Young and Middle-aged Translators, and released the 2024 China Translation Industry Development Report and 2024 Global Translation Industry Development Report.

According to the China Translation Industry Development Report 2024, the scale of translation talents in China continues to grow, with the total number reaching 6.42 million, and the number of translation practitioners increased by 6.8% compared with 2022. In terms of translation technology development and innovation, the number of enterprises with machine translation and artificial intelligence translation in their business scope has increased rapidly, from 588 at the end of 2022 to 839 at the end of 2023. Translation technology has broad prospects for development, more than 80% of translation enterprises actively embrace large-model technology, and more than 70% of relevant colleges and universities have opened machine-translation related courses.


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2024-04-08 05:04
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