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The Confucius Academy in Guiyang:the "Top 10 High Frequency Words" of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture in 2023


2024-04-01 12:00

The Confucius Academy in Guiyang searched the data on the inheritance and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture through "Sina Public Opinion Channel", and searched for a number of relevant high-frequency words by using "Chinese excellent traditional culture" as the keyword for word frequency statistics. After being screened, merged and argued by relevant scholars from the National Academy of Wuhan University, the National Academy of Renmin University of China, the National Academy of Shenzhen University, and the Confucius Academy in Guiyang, the "Top 10 High Frequency Words" of Chinese excellent traditional culture in 2023 were summarized.

The first high-frequency word is "two combinations". The Chineseization of Marxism inevitably involves combining it with China's concrete reality and with China's excellent traditional culture. At present, the "second combination" at the cultural level has become a hot topic in theoretical research. The Communist Party of China (CPC) is not only a firm believer and practitioner of Marxism, but also a faithful inheritor and promoter of the excellent traditional Chinese culture. The CPC continues to promote the organic combination of the basic principles of Marxism and the excellent traditional Chinese culture by searching for areas of intrinsic fit between the two.

The second high-frequency word is "theoretical innovation". Emancipation of the mind is a prerequisite for theoretical innovation. In the field of culture, emancipation of the mind promotes the "second combination", completes theoretical innovation and further realizes institutional innovation.

The third high-frequency word is "national studies". The core of "national studies" is "Jingxue", which has been in the mainstream for thousands of years, and radiates outward to all kinds of classical scholarship. Contemporary "national studies" is the traditional culture which transforms into the "Chinese classics" academic system among modern academic system in the initiative in the collision of  East and West academic trends. Entering the new century, the "national studies fever" is on the rise, the national studies columns of various media platforms have attracted a lot of attention, and the "national studies readers" of major publishing houses are emerging one after another. Many colleges and universities have set up academies to build the discipline of national studies (Chinese classics).

The fourth high-frequency word is intangible cultural heritage, and the in-depth implementation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Development Project and the vigorous enhancement of the level of dissemination and popularization of the intangible cultural heritage are important prerequisites and fundamental safeguards for safeguarding, handing down and utilizing intangible cultural heritage, and they are also of great significance to the continuation of the historical lineage, firming up cultural self-confidence, promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, and constructing a strong socialist cultural country.

The fifth high-frequency word is dissemination. In promoting the enhancement of the dissemination power of Chinese culture, it is necessary to adhere to the position of Chinese culture, refine and display the spiritual symbols and cultural essence of Chinese civilization, accelerate the system of Chinese discourse and Chinese narrative, tell a good story about China, disseminate the voice of China, and continuously enhance cultural confidence. At the same time, we should actively innovate the forms of communication in the fields of education, media, culture, and foreign exchanges, form a regular, long-term, and serialized communication mechanism, and build high-end, distinctive, and international communication platforms, so as to continuously enhance the dissemination and influence of Chinese culture and expand its radiant surface, and then promote the construction of a better world.

The sixth high-frequency word is "Chinese nation", and the excellent traditional Chinese culture is the "root" and "soul" of the Chinese nation. Over the past 5,000 years, the excellent traditional Chinese culture has carried the genes and bloodline of the Chinese nation, accumulated the deepest spiritual pursuits of the Chinese nation, and represented the unique spiritual identity of the Chinese nation, which has been admired, recognized and inherited by generations of Chinese children.

The seventh high-frequency word is creativity, which is the endogenous driving force for the continuous development of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Adhering to creativity means that we should base ourselves on the world development trend and the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics, consciously promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and seek new breakthroughs, new leaps and new development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

The eighth high-frequency word is mission. The new cultural mission requires us to continue to deeply excavate and expound the outstanding traditional Chinese culture, promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture to distill the spiritual symbols of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture, present the cultural essence of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture that is of contemporary value and global significance, and explain and promote more outstanding cultures that have Chinese characteristics and embody the spirit of China; to integrate the ideological essence of Marxism with the Chinese culture and the common values of the masses, and to cultivate and create socialist culture with Chinese characteristics for a new era.

The ninth high-frequency word is Chinese wisdom. Excellent traditional Chinese culture is the crystallization of the wisdom of Chinese civilization and an important manifestation of Chinese wisdom. For thousands of years, the excellent traditional Chinese culture has had unique insights into life, society, nature and the universe, and contains a wealth of wisdom for personal survival and national governance.

The tenth high-frequency word is history, and adhering to the development of Marxism rooted in the fertile soil of history and culture, and continuously advancing the modernization of the Chinese version of Marxism reflect the intrinsic requirement of adhering to the roots of culture and promoting theoretical innovation. On the basis of firm historical and cultural self-confidence, adherence to the use of the past for the present and the promotion of new ideas, it is necessary to further do comprehensive excavation and deep injection, so as to adapt to the requirements of the new era, transform into new theoretical advantages, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

Translated by Mengjiao Zhou 



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