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The World Digital Education Alliance Establish


2024-02-27 02:59

Yang Zhanfei
Guangming Daily

Jan.31st, The World Digital Education Alliance was established, and the international version of Chinas National Smart Education Public Service Platform was launched.

The digital transformation of education is gradually becoming a common action of the world's education reform and an innovative path to realize the learning revolution and improve the quality of education. The China Education Association for International Exchange and other Chinese and foreign institutions proposed the establishment of the World Digital Education Alliance at the 2024 World Digital Education Conference, which received positive responses from all parties. Up to now, 104 universities, international educational organizations, research institutions and enterprises from 41 countries and regions have joined the alliance.

The World Alliance for Digital Education aims to build an international platform to strengthen dialogue and exchanges, promote practical cooperation and high-quality development of digital education. The Alliance will focus on the core task of promoting the digital transformation of education, establish a long-term mechanism for international cooperation in digital education, promote all stakeholders to jointly promote the digital transformation of education, and help all people enjoy more equitable, inclusive and quality education. After the establishment of the World Digital Education Alliance, it will focus on serving the members of the Alliance, build a high-quality dialogue platform, promote the sharing of digital education resources, promote successful practical experience in digital education, further expand the scale of the alliance members, gather global high-quality digital education resources, and actively participate in global digital education governance. The alliance will be built into an international public service platform with wide international influence.

The International version of Chinas National Smart Education Public Service Platform is an educational public service platform for global learners built by China under the guidance of the Ministry of Education in response to the vision statement of the United Nations Summit on Education Change and the solemn commitment made to UNESCO. The international version of the platform supports 6 languages, including Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic, and has three sections: information column, resource service, and government hall, providing rich learning guidance and government services.


Translated by Lena.




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