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China Journalism Awards Seminar Held


2024-01-19 02:40

Zhou Wentao
Guangming Daily

The China Journalism Awards seminar was held in Chongqing on the 11th. With the theme of consolidating and strengthening mainstream public opinion to undertake a new cultural mission, the event invited media representatives, experts and scholars from all over the country to gather in Shancheng, summing up the law of news boutique creation, and promoting news and public opinion work to show a new atmosphere and reflect new actions.

The China Press Award and the Changjiang Taofen Award (hereinafter referred to as the Two awards) are the highest national press awards approved by the Central Government. In recent years, in the selection of the two Awards, a large number of outstanding news works with weight, characteristics and influence and journalists with both morality and talent, superb business and outstanding achievements have emerged, reflecting the remarkable results of the development of the Partys news and public opinion work.

The delegates said that the selection of the China Press Award is not only an important platform to show the effectiveness of the news front work, but also an important starting point to play a leading role in demonstrating and promoting the high-quality development of news and public opinion work. We must adhere to the correct political direction and the direction of public opinion, and work in the same direction and frequency with the cause of the Party and the country. We should continue to strengthen the four forces, squat down, go deep, melt into it, and improve the temperature, thickness and novelty of the work. It is necessary to actively use new media, new technologies, new platforms and new means to strengthen the advantages of content and communication, and create more high-quality reports.


Translated by Lena.



2024-01-19 10:40
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