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the 2023 Annual Academic Conference of the China Law Society Legislation Research Society Held in Tianjin


2023-12-11 12:00

From November 11 to 12, the 2023 Annual Academic Conference of the China Law Society Legislation Research Society was held in Tianjin.

According to reports, the annual academic conferencethemed by "the theory and practice of legislation in a new era and a new journey ", was sponsored by the China Law Society Legislation Research Society and organized by the School of Law of Tianjin University. Experts and scholars from colleges and universities across the country, scientific research institutes and legislation practice departments of more than 400 people attended the meeting.

Wang Chen, president of the China Law Society, emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to Xi Jinping Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era as a guide, follow the pace of the development of the times, focus on the central work, and solidly promote the research of legislative studies, to help high-quality legislation with high-quality research results, and to continuously improve the ability of legislative research to serve the practice level.

It is known that, in recent years, the China Law Society Legislation Research Society has united legal practitioners engaged in the theoretical study of legislation and the practice of legislation in all aspects, closely integrated with the practice of legislation, conducted in-depth academic research, actively participated in the drafting of national and local legislation and consulting work, and made efforts to strengthen the construction of the discipline of legislation and the teaching materials of legislation at law schools and colleges, so as to comprehensively promote the rule of law in all aspects of the country's work to provide solid theoretical support and intellectual support.

During the conference, participants conducted in-depth discussions in 17 units in six sub-forums, including "Legislative Theory in the New Era", "Legislation on Science and Technology and Artificial Intelligence", "Codification: Environmental Codes as a Theme", "Legislation in Key Fields, Emerging Fields, and Foreign-Related Fields", "Theory and Practice of Local Legislation", and "Youth Forum".

Translated by Mengjiao Zhou


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