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2rd Han Dynasty Culture Forum Held


2023-10-25 02:41

He Cong
People's Daily

Xuzhou-Oct.15th, The Second Han Dynasty Culture Forum with the theme of Han Dynasty Culture and Chinese Civilization was held in Jiangsu Province.

The forum was composed of the opening ceremony, the main forum, four sub-forums, and a roundtable on the coordinated development of cultural tourism in Huaihai Economic Zone. More than 150 cultural theory research experts, scholars from scientific research institutions and colleges, and leading talents in the field of cultural tourism participated in the forum. At the same time, the 2023 China (Xuzhou) Han Culture Tourism Festival with the theme of “Colorful Han Dynasty Culture & Appreciate Xuzhou” was also officially opened. During the event, the city will carry out more than 50 key cultural tourism activities with their own characteristics.


Translated by Lena.



2023-10-25 10:40
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