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Experts and scholars discuss the training of talents in paleography


2023-09-06 12:00

A high-end forum on the study of ancient characters under the background of strengthening basic disciplines was held recently in Xiongan New Area. More than 40 experts and scholars from universities, research institutes, and news and publishing agencies exchanged discussions on the study of ancient characters such as oracle bone inscriptions, gold characters, and silk characters, the training of professionals in ancient characters, and the modern application of ancient characters. The forum was hosted by Chinese Literary Society and organized by the College of Literature, Hebei University.

Paleography is a rare and unpopular subject related to cultural inheritance. In order to ensure that rare subjects can be inherited, in 2020, Paleography was selected in the strengthening basic disciplines plan implemented by the Ministry of Education. After three years since the implementation of the plan, it has promoted the training of top innovative talents in Paleography, formed a research team with first-class academic level and spirit of responsibility, and produced a number of influential research results. Huang Dekuan, president of the Chinese Literary Society, said that at present, the key universities participating in the strengthening basic disciplines plan have initially established a curriculum system, and the teaching staff has been continuously strengthened, and the training schemes have been perfected.

Translated by Zhou Mengjiao



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