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Shandong Social Science Forum 2023 Held


2023-07-18 09:56

Li Fei
Guangming Daily

LINYIJune 27---Shandong Social Science Forum 2023 was held by the National Red Gene Inheritance Research Center, Shandong Federation of Social Science, and Linyi Municipal Committee, and organized by Linyi University, Linyi Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department, Linyi Municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department, etc, with the theme of Yimeng Spirit Enables the Construction of a Strong Socialist Modern Province in the New Era. More than 200 experts and scholars from more than 90 universities and research institutes, including Peking University and Tongji University, gathered in Linyi, Shandong Province, to deeply discuss the era value of Yimeng spirit, and explore the effective path to promote the Yimeng Spirit to help the high-quality development of revolutionary old areas in the new era and the red culture to enable Chinese modernization.

Tang Zhouyan, the president of Shandong Association of Social Science

appealed for basing on the new era and new stage, focusing on the problems and bottlenecks in development, and digging deep into the characteristic practices and typical paths explored by Linyi in the process of promoting the modernization of the old revolutionary base area.

Professor Wang Lisheng, Party Secretary of the Institute of Philosophy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out in the keynote report that the nine-shed model has a reference and guiding significance for the development of mountainous agriculture and rural areas in the new era, promoting rural revitalization, and realizing common prosperity.

Yimeng Spirit is the promotion of the great Party building spirit, and the great Party building spirit has the internal logic consistency with Chinese modernization, according to Professor Wang Binglin, President of the Party History and Party Building Research Institute of Beijing Normal University.


Translated by Lena.


2023-07-18 05:56
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