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Rural Revitalization Characteristics Advantage Industry Development (2022) series of blue books Released


2023-07-04 08:52

Chang Qin
People's Daily

BEIJING, June 11,China Rural Development Volunteer Service Promotion Association released the "Rural Revitalization Characteristics Advantage Industry Development (2022)" series of blue books, which includes 9 volumes of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau highland barley, yak, walnut, jujube in southern Xinjiang, oil tea, oil walnut, olive, hybrid conformation tree, wine grape industry, with about 1.7 million words.

According to the blue book, the planting area of camellia sinensis in China has reached 68.88 million mu, the output of camellia seeds has reached 3.94 million tons, and camellia oil has reached 900,000 tons, with an output value of 192 billion yuan. The total area of olive is 1,775,900 mu, the total output of fresh fruit is 90009 tons, and the total output of virgin olive oil is 11021 tons, with a total output value of 4,324 million yuan. The number of walnut oil enterprises increased from 4035 in 2018 to 4826 in early 2023, and the growth rate of walnut oil production was higher than that of walnut production. The number of enterprises with walnut kernel and kernel products in China has reached 1992, and the number of enterprises with walnut protein products has reached about 1000, and the deep processing of walnut has become an important driving force for industrial development.


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