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'Voice' Invites Global Chinese Learners to Share Insights into the Language


2022-04-21 02:14

Zhang Rui

On April 20th, a "Voice" special program for the UN Chinese Language Day will be simulcast on CCTV-1 and China Media Group Mobile, which marks the beginning of CCTV/CGTN's Chinese language-themed programs promotion campaign titled Glamorous Chinese.

The special program was jointly launched by CMG International Communication Planning Bureau, Center for Language Education and Cooperation, and ChinesePlus, the world's largest platform for Chinese language education. In 2010, to promote global language and cultural diversity and provide equal access to the six United Nations official languages, the UN Department of Public Information decided to make the beginning day of the 6th Chinese solar term, "Guyu" an international Chinese Language Day, in commemoration of "Cangjie", a legendary figure believed to have invented the Chinese characters in ancient China.


The UN Chinese Language Day special program invites a famous Chinese cultural linguist, along with 100 Chinese learners from 42 countries around the world. They will share their insights of cultural and linguistic diversity, the overseas "Chinese learning fever", and the current situation and prospects of international Chinese education, experiencing the extensive and profound Chinese culture during informative cross-cultural exchanges.

With this opportunity, "Glamorous Chinese" series also includes CCTV's outstanding programs on Chinese characters, poems, calligraphy and paintings of "My Story of Chinese Characters, Meet the Chinese Characters, Chinese New Year Picture, China in Letters, Poetry Sans Frontiers". The series will be available on, CGTN's website, CRI Online and other new media platforms, as well as on ChinesePlus, local TV channels in the UK and Morocco, overseas mainstream social media and Chinese social media around the globe.




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