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An International Symposium to Commemorate the Eighth Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative Held in Beijing


2021-09-13 06:53

An international symposium to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative was held in Beijing on Thursday by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Experts and scholars at the meeting had in-depth discussions on the important progress and notable achievements of the Belt and Road Initiative and how to promote high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative under the new circumstances.

Xie Fuzhan, President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in his speech that the Belt and Road initiative aims at common development and prosperity of all countries in the world and has brought tangible benefits to countries and regions along the routes by tangible measures. Philosophy and social science workers should firmly grasp this major theme and work hard to build a theoretical system of the Belt and Road initiative to provide solid theoretical guidance for the high-quality development of the Belt and Road initiative.

The participating experts and scholars said that except for economic cooperation, Belt and Road Initiative is an important way of improving the global development model and global governance and promoting the healthy development of economic globalization, and an inherent requirement of global governance system change. It reflects the wishes of countries to promote peace and development,especially of developing countries, demonstrates the sense of a community with a shared future that we are in the same boat and share both rights and responsibilities, and provides new ideas and solutions for the reform of the global governance system.

The Belt and Road Handbook (2020) book launch was also held at the meeting. Published by China Social Sciences Publishing House, the book collects the latest achievements of the theory development, practice and exploration, and experience summarization of the Belt and Road Initiative in recent years and has a centralized display of related research results for its purpose and principles, history and present situation.


Translated by Zhou Mengjiao 


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