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2018 Healthy Cities in China Research Report Published Officially


2020-03-08 02:22

Zha Jianguo, Chen Lian

Recently, 2018 Healthy Cities in China Research Report was officially published by Shanghai Education Press, which was jointly launched by Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai Academy of Huaxia Social Development Research.

The report selects 22 indicators included Number of Hospitals per 10,000 Population, from three dimensions, health environment, health service and health security, and also scientifically and comprehensively evaluates, based on relevant authoritative data released throughout 2019, for outlining Chinas healthy city construction in 2018.

It shows that in the new era, China has made remarkable achievements in building healthy cities: firstly, air, water quality, garbage harmless treatment and other aspects have been comprehensively improved, a good healthy environment has been created; secondly, the efficiency of health resource allocation has been further improved, and the health service system has been consolidated; thirdly, the average life expectancy has steadily increased, the effectiveness of prevention and control of infectious diseases and chronic diseases has been enhanced, and the health security mechanism has been improved. The report also proposed that the advance of development of healthy cities in China requires to strengthen the leadership of the Party and governments, maintain policy determination, follow the “evidence-based” concept, and improve the overall, normal, ecological, and data-based development of healthy cities.

Moreover, the report ranks Chinas major cities by four indicators: comprehensive indicators of healthy cities, healthy service index, healthy environment index, and healthy security index, which reflects that most of the cities at the top of the list have sound public health systems.

According to the research team, Chinas public health system is facing severe test affected by COVID-19, which will also bring the important influence to the future health city construction. Comparing the prevention and control of COVID-19 in the city ranking list in current situation, it can be found that the cities with remarkable achievements in the construction of healthy cities have relatively obvious achievements in the prevention and control of COVID-19.

Nowdays, the concept of health has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people, while Healthy China has become a national strategy, and peoples health has become an important symbol of national prosperity and national strength. Thus, The follow-up research should constantly adjust and improve the evaluation system to fully demonstrate the achievements of China's healthy city construction.


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