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The 2017 Fifth Late-developing and Cross-developing Advantage forum of Guizhou held in Zunyi

Weng Jun

2017-09-08 12:00





The 2017 Fifth Late-developing and Cross-developing Advantage forum of Guizhou was held in Zunyi on August 30th, hundreds of experts and scholars from the different provinces focused on the theme of “the poverty alleviation and Late-developing and Cross-developing Advantage” to discuss.

The purpose of this forum is to provide the theory support for the underdeveloped areas of the poverty alleviation, the Late-developing and Cross-developing Advantage, and the well-off society at the same time with the whole country. The theme of this forum is local practice in poverty alleviation; the experts and scholars deeply analyzed existing problems and deficiencies in poverty alleviation and also put forward a series of constructive opinions and suggestions.

The forum stressed that the intention of the forum is to accelerate the development of Guizhou, the transformation and the establishment of a decision-making reference mechanism. it is an innovation of economic and social governance. The effective results of the four forums have been applied to the economic and social construction for Guizhou province.

The forum is organized by the Research Bureau of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Guizhou Academy of Social Sciences, Zunyi Academy of Social Sciences, Zunyi Normal University, experts and scholars from the East China, the Middle East, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other developed provinces and cities.

Professor Guo Xiaoming from Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences delivered the report “new challenges and Countermeasures in the current poverty alleviation”, which is mainly from the challenges facing the reality to promote accurate poverty alleviation with precise selection and deviation correction.

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