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The International Academic Seminar for Dunhuang & the “Silk Road” Held in Gansu Province


2017-09-06 12:00

Wang Zhilong

On Aug. 23rd, 2017 Dunhuang Forum for Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Duan Wenjie & the International Academic Seminar for Dunhuang & the “Silk Road” were held in Dunhuang Academy China, Gansu Province, and the theme was Inheriting and Innovating. President Wang Xudong of Dunhuang Academy China, and Li Chunlin, the deputy secretary of Dunhuang Municipal Committee of the CPC delivered speeches.

While remembering the outstanding contributions of Duan Wenjie, experts summarized the experiences of several generations of Mogao Grottoes in exploring the protection, the research and the promotion of the Dunhuang Caves, and strengthened the academic exchange of Dunhuang Studies, and the research in history and culture of Dunhuang and the “Silk Road” among scholars at home and abroad.

The three-day conference attracted about 180 outstanding experts and scholars in the fields of Culture and Art of Dunhuang, and Study on the “Silk Road”, from Mainland China, America, England, France, Russia, Japan, Macao and Taiwan, with 157 academic papers. Around the following three major issues, Research in History and Culture of Dunhuang, Inheritance and Innovation of Dunhuang Art, and Study on Heritage Conservation, the experts traced the integration and innovation of different cultures and arts on the Hexi Corridor and the “Silk Road”, shared the digital resources of Dunhuang Caves and experiences and cases of multiple effects such as Based on Local and International Promotion of Dunhuang Culture and Art, and promoted the protection, the research, the inheritance and the innovation of Dunhuang cultural and artistic heritage.

On behalf of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, SASS, two researchers attended the meeting and delivered keynote speeches, they respectively expounded the close relationship between the “Land of Abundance” in history and the “Silk Road”, which receipted consistent high praise.


2017-09-06 10:54
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