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The First National Youth Forum of Social Sciences held in Wenjiang, Chengdu.

Weng Jun

2017-07-06 12:00




On June 28th, 2017, the first National Youth Forum of Social Sciences and the sixth Youth Academic Festival of Sichuan Academy of social sciences were held in Wenjiang, Chengdu. More than 100 young scholars from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and 16 Local Academies of Social Sciences attended the Forum.

The opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by Chen Jing’an, deputy secretary of the SASS committee of the CPC. Professor Wang Zihao, Deputy director of the Research Bureau of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences highly appreciates the first National Social Science Youth Forum Social Sciences and raised high expectations to the young scholars, and he hopes everyone contributes wisdom to build new philosophy and social science think tanks with Chinese characteristics.

Professor Li Houqiang, secretary of the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences Committee of the CPC, pointed out that in the great practice for building the philosophy and social science new think tanks with Chinese characteristics and in the great journey for the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation, young scholars should undertake the responsibility and mission to promote theoretical innovation, strategy service, society service. Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences held the first national youth forum, which will build a stage to display young scholars talent, develop the academic frontier, create mutual exchange platform, build the academic window sharing the world view, construct the spiritual home for the academic innovation.

This forum arranges the traditional conference theme presentations and roundtable academic seminar which focuses on artificial intelligence and artificial future, the economic poverty alleviation and knowledge poverty alleviation, and cultural heritage and cultural innovation. In the closing ceremony of the forum, excellent paper authors and “youth studies excellence” were awarded, and “the Chengdu Declaration on the first National Youth Forum for Social Sciences” was issued.


Translated by weng jun


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